Retreats, Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Spiritual Practices Retreat

Half Day of Silence/Spiritual Practices Retreat

This 4 hour retreat is a great way to try out contemplative practices and communal silence, especially if participants feel they can’t afford to take a whole weekend away.  Practices include creative arts activities, indoor labyrinth, journaling exercise, an eating with gratitude activity, several options for embodied prayer a spacious schedule to rest in prayer and silence.

Meditation Retreat

Offerings to help one learn about or begin meditation practice.  I have experience in Christian and Hindu/yogic meditation as well as Christian contemplation.  Retreat formats for 1/2 day through 8 day.

Bringing our Bodies to Prayer
This workshop includes discussion and embodied practice to recapture our bodies as sacred.  A healing experience for our western church and culture.


Creative Arts Retreat
These retreats focus on the creative process to help us gain insight into our spiritual lives.  These can either be more structured with a theme such as creating our images of God, or can be more free form to see what we create, how the creation interacts with us and communally how our creations touch each other.


New Language for Spiritual Direction- Atheists Agnostics and NONEs
This workshop is an experiential exploration into using non-traditional language to talk about the sacred.  For people who are unfamiliar with or have been wounded by traditional language for the Mystery, these fresh approaches and ideas help us to come along side those we work with in new ways.

Contemplative Hike​

Contemplative Hike
This experience takes the form of a group walk out of doors to be internally quiet and notice the world around us and what that evokes in us.  Time is spent at the beginning and end in community reflection with the bulk of the time together spent in silent walking meditation.


Contemplative Conversation
These conversations incorporate silence and a gentle pace for a group exploring a theme.  Generally a spiritual practice or lectio devina opens this time of communal sharing as we explore together a particular theme.

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