“Sarah is like a sherpa for my mind and spirit.  In our one on one work she guides me to the answers that already exist within me, but I have been unable to access on my own. Simply sharing space with Sarah is healing.  A healing touch session with her is nothing short of magical.  In group settings, Sarah creates an inviting and safe space for everyone to share and grow as individuals, together.  The trust and support she facilitates within the group is powerful.”

~ Anna

“I have been working with Sarah for over a decade. Her gentle guidance has helped me through divorce, a traumatic death, career changes and general life changes. I realize that first sentence reads more like a counselor than a spiritual director, but Sarah’s specialty is using the tools that she has to help you listen to your own inner compass. Sarah has many tools in her toolbox. Sometimes she helps you move through things with energy work, sometimes through dream interpretation, and sometimes through gentle prodding of questions so that you can go deeper into the actual situation, feeling or thought.  Sarah knows how to hold sacred space with a person, not ever rushing or pushing them. Instead, she gently guides them to listen themselves and to listen for the small whisper of the divine/God’s leading.  Sarah has a rare set of gifts. She is a wise and compassionate woman who knows how to help a person find and befriend their own deep wisdom and intuition. Priceless tools to have no matter where you are in your life.” 

~ Jennifer Cisar

“An hour with Sarah is like an oasis for me – time to think, reflect, listen to my heart – with helpful questions or insights from her. It’s something I do for myself, and I always come away happy that I’ve had that time with her.” 

~ Nancy Heege

“As a spiritual director myself, there is one spiritual director whom I most often recommend to people interested in spiritual direction, and that is Sarah.  Her depth of understanding is unmatched, and her ability to see and help others see their inner truth is awesome.  I am grateful for all that I have learned and continue to learn from Sarah, including the quotes directly from sessions with her that I still keep up on my wall.

~ Pam Lauer

“I have been working with Sarah for the last five years.  She’s helped me through work transitions, family strain and joy, and everything in between.  Our meetings allow me space and time to center myself in God’s love and care for me.  As a pastor, she guides me in centering my ministry in my own spirituality and connection with God.  I’m thankful for our work together and recommend her as a spiritual director to anyone looking for a companion during transition or for someone to guide you in connecting more deeply with the divine throughout your life.”

~ Gretchen R​

“I appreciate Sarah’s ability to help me open up new windows into my soul that I didn’t know I had!” 

~ Elaine A

“Sarah’s online retreat for Lent arrived daily and provided depth, insight, challenges and comfort.  I was able to meet my God anew each day during my daily practice. This retreat is full of doors and gates and portals. You can go as deep as you want.  I highly recommend this retreat as a means of refreshing the lenten journey.” 

~ Marguerite Klaers

“Working with Sarah was a transformative experience for me. We utilized Healing Touch in my sessions, and she taught me a simple Healing Touch practice to do on my own. I still do that practice a year after last seeing her. It improves my energy, emotional well-being and physical well-being. I am so grateful to have that in my life. I also benefitted from our conversations. Sarah radiates love and compassion, and I learned to be more loving and compassionate toward myself.”

~ S.K.

“Sarah’s accompaniment on my journey has been vital for me as I seek to live well, centered and grow into my best self. Her quiet wisdom, deep listening and centered spirit supports me and has now for many years. She embodies wholeness and healing and gently reminds me of God’s goodness, presence and vastness. Sarah has walked with me through my work on self doubt, trusting boldly, self – compassion, letting go and being open– so that I can share my God-given gifts with the world.” ~ Deacon Tammy Devine
Devine Coaching, ELCA Coaching Coordinator Stewardship and Discipleship

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