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Spiritual Guidance and Healing

Many of us making this journey are working out our becoming on multiple fronts.  We show up to learn and be of service in our relationships, in our life work, in our everyday routines.  We long to realize our completeness, belonging and contribution in all ways.  Especially for those of us who have chosen direct service to others as ministers, healers, guides, therapists and coaches, the quality and potency of our work depends on our attentiveness to our inner movements, leadings, wellness and grounding.  While our journey in some ways is ours alone, we are always connected to the Divine and to one another.  Bolstering these connections is vital to offer us perspective, invitation and centering.  We cannot do good work without our cooperation with the Life Force and the wisdom, support and help of each other.

My role as a guide and a healer is to be deeply connected to the Life at the heart of everything and attentive to the present moment.  This allows me to be a conduit of Divine love creating the conditions for you to come deeply home to your Source, to self heal those places that need more love, and to support you in living the fullness of your awakening.  As we sit with one another, tending to the movements of every day life, we discover the golden treasure hiding in all life experience. The beginning of all awakening is awareness. From the space of awareness we heal, grow, flourish and expand.  Individual work with a guide is a path leading at the same time inward towards our Source, and outwards towards easeful and inspired living ever more fully realized as the Divine beings we are.

I believe that the Mystery beyond form and void is inherently interested in our conscious participation in creating our life experience and therefore has set up an abundant playground of lessons and learning that is exactly what we need in any moment to come into more life and more love.  The world is here to help us wake up and become Love, what we have always been and what we always forget we are.


If I can be of service, please contact me at the address below.  Blessings to you.

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