Spiritual Guidance and

*Expand your conscious awareness

on this lifelong journey of awakening.
*Deepen and embellish your lived
experience to receive guidance and love.
*Come home to yourself as the entire
Universe powered ...

My Work
I am a Spiritual Guide and healer.  My work focuses on coming into alignment with the leadings of your inner truth.  I provide a sanctuary space in which the inherent movement of life toward wholeness and love can come into harmony in you.  When we live from this space of guidance and attunement, healing of the body, heart, mind and soul is a natural consequence.  Feel free to browse my site to learn more about me.


“Sarah is like a sherpa for my mind and spirit.  In our one on one work she guides me to the answers that already exist within me, but I have been unable to access on my own. Simply sharing ..

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